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We believe we can make a strong case for your text marketing platform consideration. If you are serious about text marketing you owe it to yourself! Yes, we are a proud New England small business option to the multi-national SMS-Marts. TEXT LUV caters to small-mid size USA organizations.

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SMS Marketing Services for the Discerning

Welcome, for a clean slate let us make sure we are all on the same page! The terms TextLuv.com and ‘TEXT LUV’ are used interchangeably throughout this website. Also, for those not aware SMS (simple message service) is the more technical term for text messaging. We provide a SMS integrated text message marketing web platform SaaS (software as a service).

 Please, take advantage of our website, we pitch TEXT LUV advantages straight up and pull no punches. We do our best to explain the value in our incredible platform. The quality of the steak is our sales focus with just a tad of sizzle to help nudge you to a seat at the table! Review our website thoroughly, we stand by it!

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text message marketing
Text message marketing (SMS) has a whopping 95%+ opened rate within 3 minutes of receipt.
Some 90% of customers prefer text messages over direct phone calls.
Consumers redeem SMS delivered coupons about 10 times more than other types of coupons.

Need we say more?

Text Marketing App Benefits Overview

  • Our SMS text message marketing platform is our sole niche specialty and focus!
  • TEXT LUV’s API is available for in-house software to integrate core features.
  • Promote engagement with 2-way interaction like SMS chat, polls, surveys, loyalty rewards, contests and more.
  • Professionals can schedule office appointment reminders as a customer service and achieve way fewer ‘no-shows’.
  • SMS communications with marketing automation that is functionally efficient and effective limited only by one’s imagination.
  • A direct line of communication does not get any more acute than a SMS text message to a contact’s personal smart phone that they have opt-in to receive!
  • Imagine a direct unfiltered line of communication with your key target audience that you develop, create and control via opt-in permissions.
  • A mobile opt-in SMS subscriber list that you alone own as a valued asset.
  • The capability to message tens, hundreds or thousands of contacts in real time. Delivering your messages to engage at your convenience.
  • Your contact audience can be clients, customers, employees, fans, students, volunteers or whomever you desire!
  • We believe not only is SMS arguably the most powerful technology communication medium but TEXT LUV is the ideal web application to leverage its full potential!
  • Thoroughly review TextLuv.com we take pride in our upfront, straight forward approach. We stand by it!
  • TEXT LUV strives to provide SMS marketing value… helping users build brand while developing relationships!
  • Subscribe… take your text meassage marketing to a whole new level!
SMS Marketing Medicine!

Text Marketing Platforms are Not Created Equal

TEXT LUV is not your typical commercial bulk text marketing platform via a 1-way shared short code & limited paid keywords. Communication is NOT a one-way street! No, TEXT LUV is on a whole other level and offers so much more!

The TEXT LUV platform is a turn-key enterprise level web application. The software offers 2-way SMS Chat texting for personal queries, administration or support. Plus, we have dedicated modules with template builders for creative polls, surveys, contests and so much more… see on our  SaaS Features page. TEXT LUV is wired for engagement to help build relationships!

Mobile Marketing Via SMS and Smartphone

With TEXT LUV your opt-in SMS contact audiences’ only requirement is owning a text capable mobile or smartphone (is there a lower barrier?). Who does not live with a smart phone 24/7? No filters or barriers like apps to download, email client inbox navigation or filters, 3rd party messengers or social media control.

Opt-in text marketing lists are owned and controlled by you alone (propriety at its finest)! There are no strings attached! It does not get any BETTER! Own and control of all your brands LUV! Export your secure SSL encrypted TEXT LUV application data as needed.

Review our SMS insights page. We provide some keen SMS opt-in list building strategy and how to conduct your SMS business according to regulations and proper etiquette. Opt-in subscribers entrust you with their personal mobile #, make them glad they did!
Less is more and value is king.

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Let TEXT LUV help bring marketing value to your communications and ROI to your bottom-line. Your Text message opt-in subscribers should be one of your organization’s most prized and important assets.

We want to make sure you are happy and confident with your TEXT LUV subscription decision. You get our No Worries User Account Access (get the scoop) in the TEXT LUV Deal! We want all our user subscribers to feel the LUV!