Magical TEXT LUV Features & Functionality

SMS Saas Features

” Take a powerful medium SMS/Text Message integrate it into a web application of brilliant digital marketing software ingenuity… a few shakes… abracadabra “… POOF!!!


Drive engagement with coupons, surveys, polls, contests, build custom splash pages, coupons, loyalty rewards, QR codes and the list goes on! Take advantage of advanced 2-way SMS chat, automated responders, SMS Bots, contact management, scheduling, appointment reminders, recurring messages and user sub-accounts for administration manpower coordination.

API access for core feature access integration to extend functionality into your own organization’s CRM application. Subscriber list (Opt-in) import functionality along with data export. Detailed campaign analytics & a whole bunch more! Yeah, wow!

Modulated features and functions, include templates for convenient workflows to save for future use, copy or build upon. Organize unlimited subscribers, groups, keywords, list segmentation, promotions and messages. Organize and build your SMS communications and marketing program to your plans with elite software ease and capability!

TEXT LUV is an incredible feature rich SMS SaaS Application. We provide the below advanced tools for user subscribers but with the understanding support guidance is limited to our Application User Guide we supply during the on-boarding process.

Depending on interest, motivation and determination most users should have no issue to get through any learning curve a feature may require. Some users may have little interest or use for many of the more advanced tools, while others will be thrilled.

We offer them to those interested and capable of implementing and using them under these terms. The TEXT LUV Application User Guide is very well done, descriptive with detailed illustrations to boot. A rocket science degree is not a prerequisite! Utilize our ‘No-Worries Free User Account Registration Access’ period to review the advance features of interest.

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A List of TEXT LUV Features You are Sure to LUV!

Our comprehensive feature set is enjoyed by marketing pros; however, our intuitive web-based interface is easy enough for anyone to use.

Bulk SMS

At the heart of bulk SMS marketing campaigns is the ability to send mass SMS messages in real time to your subscribers. Send various messages to 1 group or multiple scheduled or not. Promotions, alerts, reminders etc.

Unlimited Mobile Keywords

The ability for users to engage in keyword target marketing and segmentation. Have access to unlimited keywords! People can sign up for your text marketing by texting in a keyword.

Bulk SMS Scheduling

Scheduling out messages in intervals is a great way to ensure your customers won’t forget about you. Our software allows you to have full control of when SMS messages get sent out so you can schedule out messages’ months in advance.


Automatically send custom messages back. You can also setup the auto-responders to automatically send SMS back to the subscribers after they subscribe or on a preset schedule much like email auto-responders work.

2-Way Messaging

2-way messaging allows engagement! Subscribers can reply to your campaigns, send you text messages, and engage you in 2-way chat. Answer surveys, contests and polls! It’s a great way to stay connected…


Create SMS contests to engage and reward your customers. A sweet tool for keeping your current customers happy.

Birthday SMS Wishes

Easily collect your contacts’ birthdays when they subscribe to your list. Send birthday wishes automatically if you so desire.

Mass SMS Delivery Stats

Access detailed delivery stats like # of successful messages, failed messages, reason the message failed, and delete any subscribers that have failed to receive messages.

Campaign Analytics

Track your campaigns to take a deeper look into which campaigns are performing the best, detailed SMS logs and new subscribers and unsubscribes over a select time.

Website Signup Widgets

Allow potential customers and website visitors to join a SMS marketing list through our web-based form placed on a website. A cost-effective avenue to reach and attract new subscribers.

Polls & Surveys

Send text-to-vote  or surveys to keep your subscribers engaged and interested in what you have to offer as well as to collect valuable information and insight.

Appointment Reminders

Schedule and send appointment reminders to customers ensuring they won’t forget about an appointment they made. Search for your contact then easily schedule an SMS to go out to them.

Email Alerts

Get new subscriber email alerts as they happen or in a daily summary. Also get low credit balance email alerts so you’ll always be aware of when to replenish your credits.

Message Templates

Save and build a library of commonly used SMS messages for efficiency, no re-enter of the same messages repeatedly. Simply select the template to use and have it populate the message for you.

Selectively Group Contacts

With our keyword group segmenting function, you can easily create groups within your text marketing lists. This helps organize your contacts into groups to know what campaigns they are coming from!

Import Your Subscriber Lists

Have an opt-in SMS list from somewhere else that you want to migrate over? Provided you have explicit written consent from your subscribers that they agreed to receive SMS from you, you can upload your list as well. We’ve made the processes simple!

Broadcast from Phone

On the go? No problem! You’ll have the ability to blast out your SMS marketing campaigns with a simple text message! No need to login to your account to manage this process.

SMS to Email / Email to SMS

Get email notices when someone texts in something to your online number (SMS to Email). You can then respond directly to that email from your email client, the system will take that email, and text them back (Email to SMS).

Name and Email Capture

The option to collect the name and email from a new subscriber joining your opt-in list!

Q&A SMS Bots

Create automated SMS Q&As which are kicked off by texting in a keyword. You can create all the questions in a sequence as you want. Consider for customer support, gathering feedback, and growing your list.

Contact Management

Very simple contact management system that contains your contacts/subscribers. Search on and manage all your subscribers here or consider our API.

Mobile Coupons

Create beautiful Mobile Coupons to send to your customers. They are a great way to build loyalty while rewarding your current customers. Coupons are easily customizable with flexible settings.

Mobile Splash Page Builder

Create pages with video, images, or any HTML and then send those page URLs out to their subscriber list to view. Equipped with a full-featured HTML editor.

QR Codes

Bridge your offline marketing campaign to the online medium with our QR codes. TEXT LUV software comes equipped with new subscriber and web page URL QR codes.

SMS Punch Card Loyalty Rewards

Forget those archaic and often misplaced paper punch cards. Offer SMS “punch card” loyalty rewards to your customers and build loyalty to your brand to keep customers happy and coming back.

Kiosk Builder

The digital loyalty kiosk is a cutting-edge tool that lets you create an easy-to-use kiosk display. It provides your on-site customers with a user-friendly display – letting them join a mobile club, check-in to a loyalty program, or check current status.


Sub-account creation (max 5) for organizational operations and/or management…

Bulk Batch Processing

Bulk Batch Processing for large group lists (2k+) for more efficient and speedy sending.

Toll Free 800 Numbers

Dedicated Commercial Toll Free 800 Number included with Subscription. A2P approved by carriers, high deliverability at 3+ MPS (Messages Per Second).

10DLC Numbers

10DLC is brand new approved A2P Local Numbers with much documentation, red tape, and developing industry regulations and fees. We have added Local Number 10DLC registration capability for our User Accounts but only for possible future use. The Toll Free 800 Numbers are the commercial A2P of choice!

API Access

Access the core features of our TEXT LUV platform in your organization’s CRM. Integrating our API into your software allows you to extend the core TEXT LUV features into your own application!

TEXT LUV SaaS provides HTTP SMS APIs. API calls can be executed from nearly any popular programming language. Through our API you can access the most core features of the TEXT LUV platform. Adding and retrieving contacts, sending/scheduling bulk SMS to groups, sending/scheduling SMS to a specific contact, message delivery reports, retrieving your SMS/Voice credit balance, and adding contact appointments are available for now. These 8 are most useful when extending the functionality of your own platform.

Check out the list of available APIs in your registered User Account each of the API’s parameters, return values, and sample API JSON responses. Integrating the Text LUV API into your application will enable you to extend the functionality of the platform into your own app! Your API key will be available inside your user panel once you have created yourself a registered user account.

Advanced User Features

Additional Advanced User Options are that are available on a case-by-case basis via support ticket request include: SMPP User Access Capability, Number Pooling, High Speed Toll Free 800 Number (25 MPS+) acquisition.