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SMS Saas Deal

Our deal we proudly present (below) is up front and straight forward! Just like our website states clearly about the TEXT LUV Platform SaaS, we stand by it! Review our 5 Main Menu pages (Home, About, Features, Deal & Insights) with the T&C (Terms and Conditions) it is all about our service.

We want our service to sell itself on its own merits (no sales people or affiliates means no commissions raising your cost). LAENO LLC is content being a successful SMS SaaS company with happy and loyal users. We would like you to see the value of our service and become a TEXT LUV User and future raving fan! Thank you for your consideration.

Monthly User Subscription Only $77


Your TEXT LUV User Subscriber Account with all our stated features and functionality, a Commercial Toll Free 800 Number with a complementary bonus of 300 SMS credits to get started. Access SMS credits as needed in bundles of 1,000 credits for $25ea that’s only $.025 ($2.5 cents!) per SMS credit. Buy SMS credits only when and as needed. Rights for up to 5 sub-accounts (set logins and permissions for sub- users) for inter-organizational management use (if needed) with each account subscription.

The ability to import any established opt-in lists to inside your account or export account data along with all the many other TEXT LUV features. Enjoy our turnkey enterprise-level software web application inclusive of industry-standard encryption security, account storage for up to 30 active mobile pages (mobile splash pages and coupons), platform hosting, maintenance and updates, A comprehensive User Guide PDF and responsive support via our Support Ticket Help Desk.

Unused SMS credits rollover monthly for as long as the user account stays active and in good standing. Access additional Commercial Toll Free 800 Numbers each at $4mo. Toll free numbers are highly recommended for commercial SMS use; carriers recognize for commercial A2P (APP to Person) use. Therefore, 800 Numbers are our go-to number source due to their superior delivery rate and acceptability. Local Long Code Numbers are meant for P2P (person to person) use with the exception being the new 10DLC registration regulations as of late summer of 2021. We have 10DLC capability but are awaiting the verdict of all the additional regulatory red tape, privacy concerns and carrier fees yet to be worked out, we are not very optimistic!

A SMS Credit is $0.025 ($2.5 cents) = 1 SMS message up to 160 characters, MMS cost 3 SMS credits each that’s $0.075 ($7.5 cents) per MMS each. We do not encourage MMS use for the issues with data load (limited by carriers) we allow an MMS images up to 256kb. A simple link in a text message to a splash page or web page is more professional and 1/3rd the cost! All TEXT LUV SMS services are exclusively to USA & Canada only.

Subscribers are provided a detailed TEXT LUV User Guide for reference to help achieve a successful self-learning curve if needed, you will be hard pressed to find a more functional user-friendly focused software. Review our SaaS Features page and No Worries User Account Access (below) to be sure you are comfortable with the User Panel UI (User Interface) prior to committing to subscription activation. Any and all purchase payments are final, no exceptions.

No long-term contracts, all account subscriptions are prepaid month-to-month and can be canceled by User at any time with written notice to All account SaaS access, activities, SMS credits and numbers will terminate at end of the current subscription period in which cancellation notice is received or if the account subscription fee is not paid and received when due.

Free No-Worries User Account Registration Access

The ‘Free No-Worries User Account Access’ (no credit card necessary) allows prospective users time to ‘kick the tires’ in the software User Interface for familiarity and approval. See first hand some of the platform’s dynamic user capabilities and friendliness. When you are ready…

Activate your user account subscription with the PayPal payment gateway inside your account dashboard. The subscription enables user account activation and assignment of your toll free 800 number for commercial use (choose a good one) and a complementary 300 SMS start up credits are included. with each new subscription. Additional User Account Toll Free Numbers and SMS credits are available to purchase as needed. Any and all purchase payments are final, no exceptions.

SaaS Access

The User Registration and Subscription Process

So, click the User Account Registration Button (below) > Register for your User Account > Gain access to User Account > Explore the App while you await your on-boarding info email > Activate your User Account Subscription by paying for your 1st monthly subscription fee > select your SMS Primary Toll Free 800 Number and Credits as needed, your User Account Subscription is active to start building your SMS program.

Act Now!
So, with our ‘No Worries User Account Registration Access’ you have nothing to lose and so much to gain!
You have been led to the water… Go ahead quench your thirst,
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