Text Marketing Platforms Insight for Success

text marketing platforms

Text marketing platforms strategically should be custom tailored to an organization’s needs and desires. You may already have a mature SMS program with an established SMS opt-in lists. In which case you can hit the ground running by importing your opt-in list and setting up your campaigns to begin leveraging the TEXT LUV features functionality. Or, maybe you are just starting out new in text marketing and could use some direction and key insights. Below we try to deliver just that!

Consider your SMS program plan and platform as the foundation of its future success.
Success is earned… you need a goal, a smart plan to achieve it, sound execution of the plan, flexibility to make necessary adjustments, focus, dedication and good old hard work.

All text marketing platforms communication is representative of the the organization brand. Treat it accordingly. SMS messages should provide value and or utility to the subscriber, period! It is imperative to learn the rules and best practices of the SMS industry road. We try to provide some helpful guidance to get you on the path to SMS success.

Opt-in Subscribers are the Key

Understand that your text messaging program reach and success is tied directly to your opt-in subscriber lists… size, target, scope, and engagement… it is simply all about the subscriber audience. If you build your program upon this premise, you should be well on your way to success! Messages that are valued are well received and strengthen the subscriber loyalty. Segmentation of various opt-in list via keywords is important in targeting messages to subscribers’ interest.

So, a major objective of any text marketing program is to grow the subscriber opt-in lists. SMS list promotion strategy is typically incentive induced for enticing interest. Happy subscribers mean more leverage and advantages for your marketing campaigns. Building promotional SMS marketing list is not easy work but dedicated efforts should pay big dividends!

SMS Platforms Drive Functional Engagement Too

SMS platforms deliver much more than marketing and promos even as impactful as they may be. Communications like notices, alerts, reminders, surveys, polls etc. can serve clients, customer, staff, volunteers, students etc. can be useful for administrative purposes. Keep them valuable, helpful and timely for best communications.

Note: Please be aware that mobile carriers are much more restrictive when sending MMS (local numbers only) images in mass or bulk. Commercial 800 numbers using SMS is the much more professional choice.

Commercial 800 Numbers are Ideal for A2P

Using commercial 800 numbers is highly recommended as SMS over MMS for the following reasons…

A2P (application-to-person) messaging, like TEXT LUV SaaS is any kind of traffic in which a person is receiving messages from an application. A2P messaging includes (but is not limited to) marketing messages, appointment reminders, chat bots or virtual assistants. P2P, or person-to-person messaging, is typical texting between private parties like friends or relatives using local phone numbers.

Carriers in the United States and Canada have a strict interpretation of A2P, and consider all messaging that passes through Twilio (or other messaging application platforms) to be A2P. ~ Source Twilio

800 numbers are for commercial use like bulk sending, they are many times faster and offer best delivery rate but they cannot send MMS like local long-code numbers. MMS can cost much more than SMS as on our SaaS App, while a simple link in a SMS can serve up whatever you like your contact to see! Use our mobile slash page generator for whatever! Our app will rotate multi-800 numbers for faster deliveries of larger bulk sending. Finally, MMS is data heavy and considered by many spammy!

TEXT LUV Designed with Success in Mind

Customize your SMS Plan to Your Industry Needs

Building text marketing platforms subscriber opt-in list depends on your industry. It can be as simple as a professional provider including a SMS opt-in approval on their client or patient application/registration or onboarding forms. Like in healthcare offices or schools…

In hospitality or entertainment venues opt-in request can be tied to reservations or ticket sales to receive upcoming events/schedule or latest insights. Promote the list as a special fan insider special… Retail or restaurants might find use of opt-in promos with discounts, giveaways or consider loyalty benefits…

Consider the 20/80 business rule: 20% of customers or clients provide 80% of the business, think engagement and loyalty.

List building for text marketing platforms may seem arduous at times but it’s about dedication and commitment like most roads to success.

Keep in mind promotion LIST TEXT ‘Keyword’ to (long-code) the Keyword also acts as a list segmentation targeting factor.

Utilize our Website Text promo widgets. Convert website traffic into your SMS opt-in list!

A SMS message is only 160 max characters so space is at a premium. Use as little shorthand as possible, make sure it is understandable and to keep communications professional. Consider URL shortener services like Bit.ly to save message characters along with message analytic tracking if desired. Although, some consider such shortener URLs spammy due to URL anonymity.

Text Marketing Platform Integration

Integrate your SMS program into the organization’s overall marketing plan for a more strategic marketing synergy. Integration and utilization (QR codes are ideal) with your entire marketing apparatus (advertisement, print, social media, website etc.). Include a brief SMS program pitch in all of your current and future marketing channels, like:

Join our ____ (SMS Program) – Text: ‘KEYWORD’ to ____ (long-code) and receive _____ (incentive).

You can create numerous SMS targeted programs via different keywords for each segmented target.

* Make sure your text messaging brings value to your audience. Make them thrilled they opted-in and entrusted you with their personal mobile number. Less is more and value is king!

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Text Marketing Platforms and Proper Etiquette

Learn and follow the SMS/texting various laws and regulations. Always obtain permission, without it you are breaking the law.

Opt-in are received by written (best) or verbal confirmation like in a registration form checkbox or texting a keyword to you to your number.
Text only during normal business hours the CTIA & MMA (Mobile Marketing Association) consider that time to be between 8am & 9pm.

Give your subscribers the option to remove themselves from your text marketing list. TEXT LUV SaaS automatically includes auto potential opt out in your initial reply and outgoing messages.

The “Msg&Data rates may apply” message is joined with “STOP to end” on the auto reply when people subscribe. “STOP to end” is included with all outgoing bulk messages.

Less is more… keep a reasonable limit on messages, like 4 or less in 30-day period. Let your subscriber know what to expect from the beginning. Including “Up to 4 msgs/month” in your initial auto reply to new subscribers is a good example.

CTIA Messaging Principles and Best Practices

The CTIA strictly requires you include the following in your initial auto reply to subscribers “Msgs&Data rates may apply”. TEXT LUV SaaS automatically adds this to your auto reply for compliance. This must only be included in initial auto reply to new subscribers and will not be seen on all messages. Also, importantly on the same initial auto reply of new subscribers include your organization/name with a link to your Terms & Privacy Policy.

Bob’s Mobile Rewards: Thanks for joining! Show this text for a complimentary desert.
STOP to end. HELP for help. 4 msgs/month. Msg&data rates may apply. T&C/Privacy @ http://mysite.com

Also, to maximize SMS credits 160 characters per SMS credit, make sure you understand non-GSM or Unicode characters if you have one or more in your SMS message (ex. copy & paste from Word) you will receive only 70 characters per SMS credit! Utilize our non-GMS checker in your User Panels Tools module to be sure.

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